Kilkenny Hill Otsego County, New York

Kilkenny Hill
Kilkenny Hill is a Summit located in Otsego County New York.
The Summit is located within the Northern Allegheny Plateau Ecoregion  (Northern Allegheny Plateau description page).
The associated point location is within the Upper Susquehanna Watershed (USGS Watershed ID:  HUC 2050101).
Hunting districts associated with this geographic feature are: Otsego County  (Otsego County Whitetailed Deer Guide)

The above map is a topographic map showing the point location for Kilkenny Hill New York.
The button below the map links to a full screen interactive map of Kilkenny Hill and the surrounding topography.

Geographic Coordinates
The geographic coordinates for Kilkenny Hill New York are Latitude 42.35028 north, Longitude -75.33528 west.

USGS Topographic Quadrangle Maps
Kilkenny Hill New York is displayed on the Unadilla Quadrangle topographic map published by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).
Free digital PDF maps of the Unadilla Quadrangle may be downloaded from the USGS here:  Unadilla GeoPDFs.
Paper copies of the Unadilla Quadrangle may be purchased from the USGS here:  Unadilla Quadrangle Maps (Click "go" on the search box).



Kilkenny Hill Table
Feature TypeSummit
StateNew York
EcoregionNorthern Allegheny Plateau
Watershed NameUpper Susquehanna
Watershed IDHUC 2050101
State Hunting DistrictOtsego County
USGS Topographic QuadrangleUnadilla