Vermont Whitetail Deer Hunting Habitat Guide

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Vermont Whitetail Deer Harvest Data

Vermont's white-tailed deer harvest data is shown in the table below. The records show Vermont's white-tailed deer harvest for 2014 is 13588 deer with 7954 bucks and 5634 antlerless deer harvested.

The table includes the deer harvest density for Vermont's deer habitat as described below. The 2014 white-tailed deer harvest density for Vermont's deer habitat is 1.64 deer per square mile with 0.94 bucks per square mile and 0.71 antlerless deer per square mile.

DeerVermont HarvestDeer Per Sq. Mile
Anterless 56340.71

Vermont Whitetail Deer Habitat

Vermont's total land area is 9615 square miles. This includes 525 square miles of urbanized areas, 377 square miles of water, and other areas that are not considered as deer habitat. The potential deer habitat within Vermont is comprised of 8696 square miles of land distributed in the land types shown below.

Habitat Land TypeSquare Miles
Total Habitat8696

Vermont Deer Hunting Areas

Deer hunting and habitat information. Data is also provided about Eco Regions and Geo Points.

Vermont Hunting Information